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(Edited and formatted by George ALEFantes)

Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ

Do you like this painting? Good for you. It was painted by Adolph Hitler before he achieved eternal notoriety. Even my dear Mother liked it.

For years, people have argued over the separation of the artist from his or her work. I, for one, have been a severe absolutist on the subject. Alcoholic or drug-addicted poets, writers who take their lives: I've defended their works for years as transcendental and independent from their personal worlds.

But even an absolutist has limits! Let's face it. We should be able to allow for a few exceptions in all absolute positions. If you hold to an opinion 99.99% of the time, you're still an absolutist. Don't let a little rhetoric get in the way of the obvious.

And certainly, Hitler would be one of those exceptions. Very simply put, his works do not deserve attention, positive or negative criticism, or even to be graced with the term "works." He was what he was, a figurehead of the most horrendous chapter to date in modern human history and front man for a vile and shameful agenda that still continues to cause global misery by proxy at the higher levels of our culture and by emulation at the lowest. Millions died and suffered in his name.

Artist, too? Hell no!

Adolph Hitler in Street Clothes

And what of those so much less famous, or infamous, than he? Who no less recklessly spread and spit the vitriol necessary to engender an atmosphere conducive to a Hitler? To hell with all of them. They're not worth the trouble. Like the ravenous Hollywood depictions of the organized crime figure, they don't deserve the tribute, idolatry, and entitlement with which we endow them. There are so many good people waiting in the wings who could better do their jobs and in a much better world.

But in the end, behind all the Hitlers, it is clearly those in control who choose to ensure the kind of sleaze we are forced to endure.

Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee

In perhaps the most distasteful "joke" imaginable, Mike Huckabee, in a speech before the NRA, was interrupted by a loud noise and exclaimed, "That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He was getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him, and he dove for the floor."

It is no joke recklessly bringing attention to a politician being shot or assassinated. US citizens have been arrested and even killed in gun battles with the Secret Service as a result of less threatening and inflammatory statements than Huckabee's. And it is no secret that such risks and dangers as Huckabee has found humor in have been a very real and serious concern for citizens who cannot forget Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X, and for the Secret Service who found it necessary to begin protecting Senator Obama eighteen months before the November election.

This was an ex-Arkansas governor. We would never have even heard of him had it not been Clinton's state. He made slight news as the governor who lived, appropriately, in a trailer while the mansion was being remodeled. He made more news when Chuck Norris, symbol of American Decency, endorsed and campaigned for him. Then gained even more attention as the Republican candidate who refused to leave the race. But certainly, this is what he will be remembered for: A cheap and tasteless joke, a political threat, a veiled signal to the populace. This was a pastor; this was the Republican party's idea of their most representative candidate of their religious ideals. Do you still approve of him, Chuck Norris? All of your own credibility, integrity, and righteousness are on the line.

Not a week later, while Huckabee's vile suggestion was still fresh in the public psyche, Hillary Clinton, in a response to yet another admittedly unfair question about dropping out of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Race, said, "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I just, I don't understand it."

The polls and pundits were divided over the intent and impact of her remarks. Some saw it as an innocent and factual remark about the reasonable span of primary campaigns. Others saw it as a mistake in speech, a gaffe, from the mouth of one of the otherwise most carefully calculating politicians around. Still others, like myself, saw it for what is clearly was: Something between a threat to Barack Obama and an encoded call to arms.

But she is no Mark Antony when she tells us that Barack "is an honorable man." Her operative words are hidden in plain sight: "assassinated in June;" making her more like Henry the Second with his "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?"

I have argued throughout this election, that the Clinton's would eventually steal Obama's thunder, if not through backroom deals and strong-arming at the convention, then by some other more nefarious means, or by a miracle or Act of God, as the pundits believe she needs.

Let us not forget suicided Clinton Counsel Vince Foster, and that famous Clinton Death List of politicians and business associates that began in Arkansas and grew throughout the Clinton years, a monument of circumstantial evidence that reads like the casualties roster of the Kennedy assassination.

I supported her right and even duty to stay in the race when everyone kept telling her it was over, even if her motives were, as some have said, to be able to recover the personal loans she made to her campaign. I downplayed her exaggeration, memory lapse, or downright lie about sniper fire in Bosnia. As much as it displayed how easily and excellently she could lie, it equally demonstrated what some women find themselves forced to do in a male-dominated world. Her reward was ridicule and loss of respect. Even her comment about "winning more of the White vote" was no more outrageous than the already existing practice of openly and casually tracking and examining all kinds of demographics in the first place, or pointing out that Barack Obama has won 90% of the Black vote in one state or other. It's either all OK or none of it should be. I defended her and her daughter against institutional sexism from David Shuster. And I even gained a newfound respect for her upon her ascension to the Senate and disentanglement from her finger-wagging husband, after having waited eight years for their highly overrated reality show to end.

But this was despicable. If this is the kind of miracle or Act of God for which she is petitioning, then she surely worships an entirely different god.

If you believe, in defense of her naked statements, that she spoke innocently or mistakenly, then she still certainly should have known far better. It's akin to, but much more severe than, mentioning fire in a theatre, a bomb on an airplane, or a gun in a bank. In very little time, even a child can indelibly be taught the instinctual importance of not doing them.

Surely she remembers in detail the man, killed in a gun battle with the Secret Service in a dreary motel where he had been staying with his mother, who had, just hours before he lost his life, made some "idle threats" against her then-President and husband. Talk of assassinating candidates is truly serious business, exceeded only by Hillary Clinton's determination, in the last days of the race, to win the Democratic nomination.

George ALEFantes
Vogue Magazine
Created by George ALEFantes

In March of 2008, Vogue Magazine spewed-out an issue with Basketball superstar, LeBron James and super model, Gisele Bundchen on the cover. It was only the fourth time in Vogue's history that a Black person graced the cover, and the very first time for a Black male.

Hell of a way to welcome him. It was immediately pointed out that the layout bore a more-than-coincidental resemblance to images from the 1933 film version of King Kong. Dressed in black, arms hanging ape-like, mouth spread wide, showing teeth and a beast-like intensity, left arm clutching Gisele Bundchen, whose own left arm flails just like Fay Wray's.

Of course, Vogue Magazine denied any intention to create the racist parallels. But critics pointed to over two-hundred other photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz that would have been far more flattering for the first Black male on a Vogue Magazine cover. Instead, they chose to approximate the tired stereotypes of Black man as unbridled animal commandeering the White woman by unnecessary force. No one yet has even commented on the satanic, satyr-like, ram's horns that the "O" and "G" of "VOGUE" happen to place perfectly over LeBron James's head.

The efforts to perpetuate Black stereotypes that have never had any truth in reality, here in Twenty-first Century America, and by such established institutions cannot be a coincidence or even a secret naughtiness by one "rogue" photographer or layout artist. Instead, and if it is ever to be exposed and confronted, it must be seen for what it is: A larger agenda of control dictated from those on high to all of the soldier corporations and entities whose very existences they sanction and guarantee. What else could even begin to explain the repetition of such vileness in so many quarters of our society for as long as we can remember?

It is difficult to gauge the state of racism in America. Anecdotally, it feels like a thing of the last century, with but a few scattered and insignificant Imus types waiting to die-off and become extinct. But powerful institutions like Vogue Magazine continue to sway and skew the picture by using all of their art and advantage to secretly and cowardly promote a paradigm designed to interfere with the natural state and progression of human relations in America. I remember some proud layout artist in the New York Times cleverly placing a news item with Mayor Marion Barry's picture just above an article about a new gorilla at the zoo.

That our best critics can so quickly expose such shameless racism means we may indeed be halfway to the "Promised Land." But we can never begin the last half of the journey, and consequently never begin to put an end to these forms of institutional racism, until we accept that they are not merely random and unconnected occurrences but are part of a larger plan.

Vogue Magazine, for one, does not celebrate what is vogue in our society but propagandizes to whoever will listen what they desperately wish were vogue. Since the glossy pages render the magazine useless as toilet paper, it is left with pretty much no value to justify its cover price.

For detractors to argue that he was only doing what the photographer wanted overlooks the fact that he was the subject of the layout and would mean that he abrogated his own control of his reputation, which he would not do while signing autographs, doing endorsements, or expressing any other projection of his image. Whenever I'd blame someone else for my bad behavior, my Mother always used to ask, "Would you jump in the lake if someone told you to?" And furthermore, since when did skill at adjusting lighting and camera settings and pressing a shutter become prerequisites for the expertise and sense of expression necessary to create a work of art that transcends commercial and political priorities? Since when do celebrities and their handlers so flimsily submit and subject themselves to the advice and desires of third parties like dogs that turn helpless when their paws touch the veterinarian's metal examination table?

For those who would say that it was LeBron James, himself, defiantly satirizing the stereotype, then know that that minor personal pleasure made it that much easier for him to play into their hands and enable their deeper purposes at his expense.

To those who see nothing harmful or nefarious or see the parallels as but coincidences, then you are either already so well balanced and adjusted that this kind of dialog is unnecessary and foreign to your sensibilities or you are blind or in denial.

And finally, to those remaining cowards and racists who actually like what they see, then there's still room to stick your heads into that bowl of swirling toilet water.

Not even a month after, the same photographer generated surprisingly even more controversy with a Vanity Fair project that used fifteen-year-old Disney Girl, Miley Cyrus, in a spectacle of softcore child pornography with suggestions of incest with her "Dancing with the Stars" father. Because of the people and entities involved, the incident became a modest media debate, with some bantering and a few mild condemnations, but not a legal matter, as it rightly should have been, and definitely would have been were it any other photographer or entity.

Katherine Von Drachenberg

This little piglet-faced girl, like the bounty hunter dog, could not balance fame and success with personal decency. She turns out to be just another reckless and irresponsible anti-Semite, playing to a small cadre of skinheads and losers who lack the intelligence to even understand why their oversized fraulein is under fire.

The above photograph was scribbled, signed, and given to a Jewish colleague via a third party. I guess even a staunch Jew-hater is too cowardly to stand face-to-face with her convictions. Note how elegantly and seamlessly her signature culminates in a Nazi swastika.

Her cowardice reached even greater heights when she denied having written the note after all. How cool does that look among her Jew-hating friends? The Learning Channel, who hosts her LA Ink show, subjected it to handwriting analysis concluding that there was a 99% chance that it was her writing. But unlike the immediate, though temporary, fate of the dog guy at A&E, she continues in her role at TLC, while viewers who can't understand the connection between Learning and anti-Semitism have refused to continue watching the channel.

Born Katherine Von Drachenberg, not surprisingly, of German descent, parents not surprisingly from Argentina, where thousands of Nazis fled after World War Two to resurrect their lost fatherland, she was born in the lovely nation of Mexico only to be moved to and raised in Colton, California, a trainyard town beside the city slums of beautiful San Bernardino. With a legacy like that, she should have known to be a lot more humble. But instead, she took the sociopath's route of instability and imbalance, right down to the need to modify her name, and not in one but in two places.

Hardcore is cool. There's nothing hardcore about racism and anti-Semitism. It brings ignorance and blind hatred to the culture. It besmirches the levels of integrity that any subculture requires to remain viable. It indicates a mindless soldier mentality without any depth of introspective or self-determining character. It makes a mockery of the growing number of human canvasses who proudly wear their body art as badges.

There is no place for your kind in this world, not even, and especially not even, among the hardcore. They don't need your kind of publicity. You are a selfish and insensitive dead phenomena of a previous and painful century. You are like those fat, little, out-of-breath bully kids who know their parents won't discipline them when they get home from school.

Your peers and their offspring will eliminate you. In fact, you are being eliminated at this very moment. You had a rare and wonderful chance but you will not even merit a footnote in any kind of history by the time I finish this sentence. You really blew it, bitch. Who?

None of your efforts on Jimmy Kimmel and elsewhere to repair your image will be successful, despite the new depth of your ethical and spiritual commitment: "Um, like, I don't tattoo faces, like, because, you know, Society's still kinda like, you know, um."

David Shuster

In February of 2008, in the midst of the Presidential primaries, David Shuster, from his seat at MSNBC, said that Hillary Clinton was "pimping" her daughter Chelsea by having her call and solicit Super Delegates. Though in the grand scheme of things, this remark may not necessarily rise to the levels of hate as some others on this list, in part because it was probably a calculated political remark to serve their station's agenda and in part because it is less than the kind of remarks many fine people endure on a daily basis, it certainly is instructive in its demonstration of misogyny and sexism.

Even if there were something amiss in her actions, framing it in a manner disparaging to women in particular and then directing it at a woman when the same remarks are never directed at men in the same situation, is simply sexist - no more, no less.

The remark is not even that caustic. A male sales Manager certainly could be said to pimp his male salespeople. But it wouldn't be said. But it is said about Hillary and Chelsea which also unfairly elicits associations with prostitution and sexuality.

I was among those who laughed when SNL used to make fun of the poor kid's looks. So her well-being is of no personal consequence to me. Nor did I ever respect or support her father, the ex-President for his pathetic failings of character and, frankly, for his pseudo-liberalism. But right is right. And Shuster is an ass.

After a photograph of Hillary Clinton appeared complete with facial wrinkles, Rush Limbaugh asked if the country was willing to watch her grow old as President: A statement identical in misogynistic ignorance. Though never an issue as we watched Ronald Reagan age into wretchedness and oblivion. And, since both Shuster and Limbaugh are properly schooled and are well aware of the gravity of their remarks, it is clear that higher agendas are at play, making their crimes all the more disingenuous and pathetic, and them less than wimps of their convictions.

Should Hillary Clinton have her way and have David Shuster removed from his job? Since there are so many others who could do his job, there is little justification in keeping social criminals in position of power and influence. Why should we care about him? He's not worth any effort to help him keep his job and the story of his firing may possibly serve as a reminder to all the other closet misogynists to leave it in the closet. We don't want to watch you fighting your demons of hatred in the public eye and at the public's expense. It's so Twentieth Century. An army of youths who cannot identify with your various and irrational hatreds wait in the wings to do a better job in your job.

Unlike Katherine Von Drachenberg and the Bounty Hunter dog, Shuster, like Rush Limbaugh, is obviously smart enough to know the precise impact of his comments. Like John Kerry, the professor, and John Edwards repeatedly throwing out those "innocent" lesbian remarks about Dick Cheney's daughter in order to ensure a Democratic loss, Shuster's agenda is not complicated. His bosses are Microsoft and General Electric. Years of education have groomed his nervous system to serve them like a pathetic hand puppet.

Though that might be becoming to a mindless, shallow news anchor, it must certainly be difficult for someone for whom education once meant integrity and autonomy of opinion and who must constantly feel the sting of repeatedly selling-out the very foundations of one's knowledge and beliefs. The eyes are the window into your very shallow soul. Yours weep of wimpiness and shame, like the expressions found on the faces of the most hopeless of political prisoners.

Geraldine Ferraro

It appears on the one hand, that Geraldine Ferraro's comment was rational commentary and that she has been severely criticized simply for the mere mention of Blackness. How would a doctor talk about Sickle Cell Anemia, a lawyer discuss the intent of a hate crime perpetrator, or a history professor teach students about the errors of American history so they won't be doomed to repeat them? And would a reporter be guilty of Geraldine Ferraro's insensitivity for simply reporting the facts of the above examples?

Is it not still true that when Blacks are pulled over, they are very often treated differently than Whites? From our window in Hermosa Beach, California my Wife and I used to watch a steady stream of pretty Black girls in prom dresses forced to lie in the gutters while the police searched their boyfriends' cars. Perhaps to be silenced plays into their hands in the first place. Imagine a world where it is not polite to acknowledge racial distinctions but where racial injustice continues nonetheless, and with impunity as a result.

O J Simpson, undoubtedly a double murderer, went through the rigors of the legal process like White America complains and demands. Whether he beat the system or survived it, he came out the other end victorious. But those same voices that were certain he would not withstand it would not accept the results. But they cannot have it both ways. when one high-profile Black person succeeds in a questionable venture, despite having endured the travails of the legal system, he will not be left alone. Thus, restaurants and golf courses took it upon themselves to bar their doors to him. That subsequent treatment he received was both unacceptable and un-American: A rare case of a Black man surviving American jurisprudence and we never hear the end of it. Bring on the torches and the dunking stool.

So when a single Black man has shown great promise and demonstrated rare and great character for a Presidential candidate (though let's not forget that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton also ran for President; as did Dick Gregory!), attention must for some reason be focused on his Blackness. To suggest, as Geraldine Ferraro did, that Barack Obama's great successes are directly due to his being Black, that being Black suddenly provides some kind of inherent advantage in a world where advantage has seldom been associated with the course of Black America is to strip him of his independent authenticity and character and to do her little part in the machine to ensure that nothing Black ever slips through the cracks and gets a break in an arena that matters.

Shame on you, Geraldine Ferraro. Sure you've had your share of suffering of late and you always appeared to be on the right side of things. But your comments offer a shocking peek into the actual foundation behind your public persona and only serve to compound our disillusion. Is there no one among you all who is genuine and good even to the core?

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson, founder of BET and supporter of Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential campaign, said on April 14, 2008 that Barack Obama would not be the Democratic party's leading candidate if he were not Black. No one raised an eyebrow or made a comment.

Of course, when Geraldine Ferraro made almost the exact same comment barely a month before she was severely criticized and made to resign from her high-profile position in the Clinton campaign.

So which way is it going to be? Is the English language to remain a vehicle of Democracy providing equal access to all to say whatever they find fit regardless of sensitivity or consequences, or to choose, instead, not to say what is defamatory, reckless, and hateful? Or will it instead harbor a range of conflicting standards with varying levels of appropriateness and authority for different speakers based on their race, gender, and the rest?

Dwayne Chapman

Did you kinda like this guy, brah? Dwayne Chapman, but he calls himself Dog, the Hawaii-based Bounty Hunter. But he defiles the canine nomenclature and disgraces the already questionable profession. He's one of those kind that "loves Black people" but uses the word 'Nigger' on an excessively regular basis. In this case, he was recorded on a cell phone message to his twenty-four-year-old son using it in that vile casual manner in an effort to interfere with the son's relationship with a Black woman.

A&E immediately 'suspended' his show. Impressive at first. After all, they are an educational channel and anything less would make them irrelevant. But within a few months, A&E, as with Don Imus and Katherine Von Drachenberg, took back the Dog. They immediately lost the right to use the "A" for Arts part of their name (except perhaps in the loosest sense of the term as, for example, with Adolph Hitler's paintings). They may retain the "E" part for Entertainment. Because that's what they are reduced to. Like some morbid, civilization-defiling tournament in some Roman Coliseum. That's entertainment. A&E, you are now officially irrelevant.

Mike Carona

The new poster boy for sleaze and corruption and head Sheriff in Orange County, California, the state's second largest department. He was served with seven federal indictments at the end of October 2007, jailed, and brought to court in shackles with co-conspirator wife and co-conspirator ex-mistress. It was said he ran the department like a casino. The charges ranged from mail fraud to intimidation of and tampering with witnesses, accepting bribes from local millionaires, and election fraud. He accepted payoffs to urge the city council to loosen the requirements for the office of Assistant Sheriff whereupon he placed Don Haidl, one of the local millionaires, into that position: A man more suited to be either an undertaker or a corpse, but hardly a Sheriff.

Don Haidl paid for the "full use and resources of the Orange County Sheriff's Department" and owned one of many "Get out of Jail Free" passes and complementary Sheriff's badges. He made good use of those resources in illegally protecting his teenage son, Gregory Haidl, from prosecution in a string of crimes across the county, including a brutal and vicious gang rape of a minor girl which he was thoughtful enough to record for his subsequent trial.

Gregory Haidl was defended by Joseph Cavallo, a sleazy attorney friend of his father and Mike Carona who had been involved in a series of other questionable legal services. Like when Carona forced a grieving Sheriff's widow both to file a wrongful death suit and to use Joseph Cavallo as the attorney. And despite the lackluster settlement, Mike Carona got his 25%. Joseph Cavallo would eventually be disbarred and himself jailed for fraudulent activities with bail bond companies.

It was a detective from the neighboring county whose unwavering courage and decency made it possible for the rape victim to find justice even after Mike Carona sent a carload of Orange County detective heavyweights to interfere with their investigation.

Initially, Mike Carona and his attorneys spouted his innocence and his intention to remain as head Sheriff despite the seven federal indictments. Would you expect any less of a man capable of abusing his office so severely and for such materialistic trinkets as ringside seats, Monte Blanc pens, boats, and sex?

He has since resigned the office "to focus on his defense." We wish him swift justice commensurate with the pain and misery that his corruption and abuse of power have caused to others.

Alec Baldwin

To his eleven-year-old daughter, "I don't give a damn that you're twelve years old, or eleven years old, or that you're a child. I am going to come out there for the day and I am going to straighten your ass out when I see you. Do you understand me? I'm going to really make sure you get it. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig."

And even if the innocent child really is everything her father seems to think she is, like some kind of Bad Seed, even if she's more than all that, like perhaps the entitled brat-child of two successful and constantly-flattered parents, who have perhaps created in her a microcosm of their combined damaged emotional states, and who perhaps could not help but raise her as some kind of special and superior being. Even if all that were true, it wasn't nice what he said to the little girl. Because, after all, she is still just that.

Baldwin may well have been one of SNL's best ever hosts. In one skit he was a political candidate at a podium who kept making nervous blunders before his dwindling supporters culminating first with his accidentally wiping his rear end with the American flag and finally accidentally wiping it again with a baby handed to him from the crowd (you certainly have to have seen it). But the writing was right there on the wall in plain sight.

I haven't even allowed myself to watch an episode of "30 Rock." Despite his and Tina Fey's talents. But that's all right anyway, since I also don't have to watch Tracy Morgan, the once up and coming SNL talent, ape his new persona and set us back to the time of Amos and Andy.

Alex Baldwin is a loser, an extreme bully, and in consequence an embarrassing coward. He is a man who whispers in place of normal speaking, whose preferred targets are women and female children, which certainly sheds more light on earlier accusations of drunkenness and domestic violence by ex-wife Kim Bassinger and of "severe emotional problems" by her attorneys.

Charles Manson

"Believe me, if I started murdering people there'd be none of you left."

Britney Spears

You're nearly a laugh,
You're nearly a laugh,
But you're really a cry.
Pigs, Pink Floyd

She looks like one of the Manson Girls, doesn't she?

Donald Trump

Like the noble Oedipus, who we find demonstrating a propensity to abuse old men, no less than six times in the short tragedy, the ignoble Donald Trump has displayed his own curious propensity to instead bicker with, name call, and generally mistreat American-bred women and icons from Martha Stewart to Barbara Walters to Rosie O'Donnell while at the same time finding self-worth parading around with foreign Stepford women, like the Sophia Loren archetype which briefly appealed to some of our ancestors from the 1950s.

When I was a kid at banquets held at our Greek Church, I once had the privilege of being seated by the richest man in our community. Everybody knew it. He made sure of it. He leaned over to me, slid up his coat sleeve, and said, "The Queen of England gave me this watch." His hair and nails were always perfect. Everybody snickered behind his back. Like Donald Trump he was a pathetic narcissist whose money was the only value in life that would even have anything to do with him.

A new scientific breakthrough claims that baldness can now be cured by transplanting an entire scalp from a cadaver. Jay Leno pointed out that it couldn't look any worse than Donald Trump's own hair.

Don Imus

He called a team of professional athletes and intelligent and educated college women "a bunch of nappy-headed hoes" because they were also Black and because such terminology is used among some members of Black America. He found it very funny at the time and, undoubtedly, it was just more of the same of what he is already known for among his fans (though we wouldn't know). Until he lost both of his radio jobs: A case of corporate entities doing the right thing for once, though undoubtedly for the wrong reasons, as always.

Just look at this guy! Someone should tell him he died. He's a corpse in a cowboy hat, one of those examples, like Lindsay Lohan, where we just shake our heads and wonder why anyone even bothers. Why the system continues to prop-up worn-out and withered entertainers after they have become damaged goods when a myriad of new and better talent awaits, we will never know.

Like Coriolanus, he stood humbly before us, showed his wounds, begged forgiveness, and got his job back. So much for the corporate entities doing the right thing. At least Coriolanus ultimately knew to remove himself from a world in which he did not belong. Rome fell too, corporate America.

Jesse Jackson

It's too bad that we had to bring you into this since you are so 1980s. We don't mind that you have lately extorted millions of dollars out of multinational corporations over their treatment of Minorities; your longstanding affair with at least one woman in Los Angeles is your wife's and your own problem, and the fact that you are harder to understand than Yaphet Kotto when you speak is between you and your speech therapist.

But you recently came out against Don Imus like you yourself had some level of moral impunity. You should have stayed quiet and left Al Sharpton to handle a task requiring a consistent history of integrity. We have never forgotten your Jaime Town remark about New York Jews, the talk of spitting in White people's food when you were a cook, and the rumors that, much to the detriment of Martin Luther King, you were a sanctioned operative who ensured his place on that fateful balcony and later ensured your own place as the successor in charge of packaging and delivering your race to the Masters.

So perhaps you should recede from this event, lest this Dishonorable Mention earns you a permanent place on this list. And though I even campaigned for your Presidential bid in 1988, and though, in the process of your intrigue, you have actually managed to do some good, you are, nonetheless, damaged goods. Those who know no better accept your usurped authority as real; those who do know better scoff at the claim that you speak for them.

Ellen Degeneres

The causes of her problem were not so disgraceful in and of themselves: It concerned a dog she had acquired from a rescue organization. So far so good. After she determined that the dog would not coexist with her cats (even after spending over $3,000 unsuccessfully having someone else "train it" to get along), she decided to give it to her hairdresser (which should have been the first clue). Still, nothing so terrible.

But in doing so, she violated a clause in the contract that forbade the subsequent transfer of the animal, a clause that the organization specifically belabored over with Ellen and her partner. So the Pet Rescue took back the dog from the unauthorized owner. They believed that their commitment to this extra effort guaranteed that the dog would never be homeless again. And if you respect or care about animals, you certainly can't knock the agency for their intentions and convictions.

But Ellen certainly could. She used the unproportional power that having an NBC television show provides to treat us to the despicable specter, before taking time off to recover, of bawling on camera day after day and complaining about the agency that, wrong or right, did what it had to do for the sake of the animals they love and care for. Now, the agency is closed, and the owner has had to file police reports due to the many death threats she has received.

Ellen Degeneres has abused her power for personal reasons that were selfish and arrogant. She and her friends gloated that they would put "Mutts for Moms" out of business. Which is exactly what soon happened. Of course, being a not-for-profit operation, what Ellen achieved by having put her out of business was giving someone a much-needed rest for a sad and thankless non-paying job.

But in addition, the misery, hunger, and lonely deaths of Southern California stray animals soon increased as a direct result of her actions and commensurate with the degree of inconvenience her little life was caused. Nice work, Ellen. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You live up to the degenerate root in your name and heritage. How edgy and innovative can a comedian claim to be who has hidden her lesbian nature from her family and her fans for most of her career until it became more acceptable. Safe, cowardly, dishonest: Where's the integrity of character?

You have plowed through life with privilege and entitlement with reckless and deadly consequences. You are a degenerate. Until now, a marginal entertainer who no one important ever even noticed. Now, you have gained greater notoriety for your unforgettable shameful conduct. Forever to be remembered as an enemy to the most helpless and miserable ones among us. Welcome to the list.

Halle Berry

Her special form of racism is wrapped around her purported beauty. They love to tell us how beautiful she is. In classic racist fashion she is always spoken of in racial terms as that beautiful Black girl.

But her case is special if only because she is actually only half-Black. She is also half-White. So theoretically, by her own dynamic, she could just as well be called that beautiful White girl. That would be an equally valid racist and opportunistic half-truth.

Since she and her promoters insist on a racial interpretation of her little life, why not then just be accurate and describe things as they are: She's that beautiful half-Black and half-White girl. Listen to how ridiculous it all sounds anyway. And besides, she's really not that good-looking in the first place.

Her reasons for doing so are anybody's guess: Whether she prefers one race to the other or she finds an advantage of career advancement in the current climate by being Black, both are racist sentiments, the latter costing Geraldine Ferraro her credibility and hard-earned respect in her old age.

The world is working, against all the current and ever-increasing odds, to get past the racial paradigms once and for all. Her willingness to be defined by her race is counterproductive at best in an age like this.

She couldn't just be a beautiful girl. She had to be that beautiful Black girl, as if Black and beauty are so rare together that the addition of Black were necessary for clarification. But it's a moot point anyway, since it all only makes people quite ugly after all. It is a dynamic that is inversely equivalent to adding "White" to the epithet "trash" as if that combination were also so unexpected that it too must specifically be pointed out and clarified.

Halle Berry, I'll bet Heta Raythatha wasn't thinking about your racial preferences and percentages or your beauty that night you ran the red light and hit her vehicle in an LA intersection, fracturing her wrist and injuring her neck and back, then left the scene Ted Kennedy style.

Isaiah Washington

Another ignorant homophobe. As Richard Nixon said, "let him twist in the wind." My Nephew bemoaned the impact his departure would have on his favorite show, Grey's Anatomy. Even Kevin Eubanks, Jay Leno's Black bandleader, queried, "In the same breath?" when Leno criticized Isaiah Washington in the same joke with Michael Richards. And why not, Kevin? Hate is hate and fear is fear. The only regret is that it was not their "last" breath.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Kurt Waldheim

This week in March of 2008, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the California budget crisis to the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews. repeatedly invoking the quote, "Never again; never again."

Someone please clarify again, because the exact rank and role are somewhat unclear, especially after his donations to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, what precisely did his father do for Hitler as a member of the Austrian Nazi Party during Arnold Schwarzenegger's childhood? Volunteered for the SA and attained high rank?

And what of his shameless associations with Kurt Waldheim, disgraced head of the United Nations, whose own Nazi past had secretly been well-known by the US and the then Soviet Union?

His admitted use of drugs, including steroids, his litany of racist remarks, the embarrassing claims that he had dabbled in gay pornography as a body-builder, and his Neolithic view that any woman and her body parts are valid game have been enumerated in many publications and other sources.

Known to reach for and squeeze any nipple that interests him, known to have reached into a woman's blouse and exposed her breasts on a movie set, causing laughter among his handlers and tears by the violated woman. Charges filed against him by a British reporter for similar conduct during an interview in 2000. And in 2003, he openly told Esquire that "when you see a blonde with great tits and a great ass" she must be stupid. "But then again there is the one that is as smart as her breast look." 'The one!?' And yet, I presume, Arnold Schwarzenegger would point to this statement as proof of his diversity toward women.

Lindsay Lohan

How we resisted even having to type or include her worthless name on this Site. But she must be mentioned. Why does she exist? What has she been in? Why are we bothering with this one? Look at her nostrils, her freckles, her ghastly expressions, and her sickly pallor! We already find this one's looks and expression to be no less than nauseating. Can you envision what she will look like as an old lady? Or even just a little older than she is now? Too many little things here not to mention them. And our disgust for her is commensurate with her levels of undeserving. And did you see any promos for her role as Marilyn Monroe? Witness what happens when a scrawny dogface of the Twenty-first Century tries to portray an undeserving sex symbol in her own right of the mid-Twentieth. It's pathetic and embarrassing.

A spoiled brat, bitch: "No, I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity, I can do whatever the fuck I want!" Driving a commandeered vehicle with three unwilling passengers after having run over one of their feet, chasing her assistant's mother, drunk, at 100 mph through the streets of Santa Monica, California after two recent prior illegal incidents. She told the police she wasn't even driving, "the Black kid was driving," (who had already suffered being kidnapped, having his vehicle taken without permission, and having his foot run over).

But she was right She can't get in trouble and she can do whatever the fuck she wants! Once taken into the police station, small amounts of cocaine were even found in her pockets. She even blamed that on someone else. And though it was the second such time, nothing came of it. Don't even ask what would have happened if any of us had been caught in the same situation? But despite that, a number of DUIs, and numerous times caught driving our streets without a license, she remains intact and viable.

In 2008, in addition to being fired from her latest movie project, she set a record for the most Raspberry awards for a single performer in a single year, including two Worst Actress awards for her dual role in a single movie. At least someone else out there recognizes the value and quality of her character, life, and work.

Ann Coulter

"We just want the Jews to be perfected" and "John Edwards is a faggot." Another waste of a good education and a great mind. Another lying, propagandizing foot soldier for an arbitrary side of some imaginary battle wherein she is but a worthless, temporal dupe in the shameless style of Rush Limbaugh and David Shuster. She cast aside her years of effort in school in search of truth and enlightenment to instead deliver the talking points of those she serves.

Too bad the comics don't challenge her head on, but prefer instead just to mock her severe maleness and make those "why the long face?" horse jokes. Rather, there is so much to say about her politics and the selling out of her soul. Because, in the end, she is just someone else's mindless attack horse, I mean dog.

Mel Gibson

We're kind of ashamed to admit that we ever liked this guy and closely followed his works. We held our breath through Road Warrior, laughed through the Lethal Weapon series, and nodded our heads in modest approval during Hamlet. Signs was my favorite. It was a masterpiece. Though it was hardly about aliens. It was about Satan and a retired priest's struggle with his faith. Recall how you never saw more than a single alien at a time and how closely it was modeled after Bosch-style devils of Renaissance art. But to M Night Shyamalan, not Mel Gibson, goes the credit for this movie's artistic success.

Braveheart was promising; And I might have also wanted to see his Mayan work with the stupid name, but by that time, he had already squandered all of his credibility. And all the better, since it turned out to be just an adventure story placed in Mayan times of a escaped sacrificial victim trying to get home through the jungle. Big deal. He had the opportunity to address much deeper issues but failed to do so.

But even so, how much could we have learned from a man who hates Jews? And not just a man who has disagreements with an Israeli policy or other, or who questions one or another item in the Mitzvot. No. But a man who hates Jews with vitriolic hostility.

Despite denials, his Passion of the Christ movie was considered grossly anti-Semitic by most of the more responsible critics. Though he would claim that he was just following the Gospel from the New Testament, there were four from which to choose. Everyone knows that the Gospels themselves increase in the severity of their criticism of Jews from the first to the fourth. Mel Gibson based his film on the fourth, the Gospel of John.

In addition, during his drunk driving arrest on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, he spewed out unbridled anti-Semitic epithets not just while drunk, not just out in public, not just in front of a cop, but at a cop! "Are you a Jew!" And indeed the arresting officer was a Jewish sheriff.

Using art to encode and transmit his anti-Semitic worldview. And is it not further artistic cowardice to hide behind subtitles and two dead languages, first Aramaic, then Mayan? How can anything he ever says again be accepted with artistic integrity? What an ass: This guy brought about his own personal 2012.

Days after the arrest, ABC dropped his development deal for a miniseries on, of all things, the Holocaust! As I've said, sometimes big companies do the right thing even if for the wrong reasons. I can only imagine what murderous viewpoint we would have been treated to in a Mel Gibson miniseries about the Jewish Holocaust. Having heard some of his father's outspoken beliefs about America and 9/11, including his own fervent denial of the Holocaust, it is not difficult to see where Mel Gibson learned about diversity.

Of course, Mel Gibson's excuse for his drunken, anti-Semitic tirade was that "it was the booze talking." A feeble, disingenuous excuse, at best. We've all been drunk once or twice in our lives: What came out of our mouths was in us, while nothing that wasn't in us came out of our mouths. He did not complain about the hygiene habits of the residents of Easter Island, he did not accuse the Dogon tribe of fraud, nor did he bemoan the brutality of the Assyrians.

It may have been the "booze talking," but all it was saying were anti-Semitic obscenities that were eerily similar to the known opinions of both Mel Gibson and his dad.

From the arrest report:

"My life is fucked."

"I'm not going to get into that car."

Gibson attempted to escape arrest. I chased after Gibson, catching up with him behind the driver's side of his vehicle.

"I'm going to fuck you. You're going to regret you ever did this to me."

While en route to Lost Hills Sheriff's station, Gibson's conduct remained belligerent. Continually threatened me saying he owns Malibu.

Gibson blurted-out a barrage of anti-Semitic remarks about "fucking Jews." Gibson yelled-out, "the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." and "Are you a Jew?"

I found a bottle labeled "Cazadores Tequila" that was approx. 3/4 full, concealed in a paper bag, within easy reach of Gibson.

On the heels of his bold anti-Semitic demonstration he has completed the obligatory diversity training, been recognized by the Latino community for his Apocalypto film, and has begun a close and curious relationship with, of all people, Britney Spears.

Michael Jackson

Remember me? "There is nothing more loving than sharing your bed with a child."

Michael Richards

Does anyone really even remember this guy anyway? I mean other than for his shameful racist tirade at an LA comedy club against two unimpressed Black audience members.

Other than that, he's never really done anything memorable. He was too much of a loser even before his tirade to be worth putting on this list, but he has been included merely for his value as another example of a sickening display of racism by the mildly-entitled.

He played Taxi's Jim Ignatowsky character on Seinfeld. Before that, he played the same character and did a fish imitation on Fridays, an SNL knock-off of the late Seventies and early Eighties. And, of course, you saw those ridiculous early clips of him in blackface. Good guy.

He is less than insignificant and a disgusting racist to the core. Since the hecklers were Black, he called them "Niggers" on his microphone, and paced the stage yelling and screaming at them like a wild and desperate madman, repeating the word over and over. Jerry Seinfeld stood by his buddy: Career death by association (or at least relegation to doing cartoon voiceovers). May they all promptly recede into unread footnotes in show business history.

Michael Vick

You should exchange places with any one of the dogs you personally killed by hanging, drowning, and whatever other means you used. There are many among us who feel your worth is less than the most paltry flea on any one of those hanging, writhing animals that performed so poorly in your little dog fights that you had to kill them.

"And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea."
Mark 9:42

George ALEFantes
Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Foxx
Created by George ALEFantes

May Michael Vick's millstone submerge Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Foxx as well for their disgusting, callous, and cavalier defense of his extreme animal cruelty.

She said it was merely "part of his cultural upbringing" and "indicative to certain parts of the country." Jamie Foxx expanded on the "cultural" talking point: "It's a cultural thing. Mike probably just didn't read his handbook on what not to do as a Black star." In saying so, Whoopi Goldberg trashes Black America and the entire American South, while Jamie Foxx reveals the levels of racist resentment, bitterness, and juvenile sarcasm that define him.

Savage dog fighting is NOT a Black thing, Whoopi Goldberg! Every decent human being knows full well that such barbarism and cruelty has no place among human beings of any race. But their disgusting comments in support of Michael Vick have brought all of the White closet racists back out into the light and has empowered them to speak again of the Black community as a single monolithic entity, one that is either involved in or sympathetic to the brutalities of dog fighting. Nice work.

Richard Pryor's complaint again goes unheard: that Black people, in addition to their other everyday burdens, are expected to feel a sense of responsibility for the actions of every other Black person as if they were all of a single mind. A ridiculous and unfair demand that, if nothing else, adds unneeded complication to an already difficult life. When Black entertainers make money, questions arise about what they have done for the Black community lately, though no such action is expected of White entertainers. And though most White people would scoff at any suggestion that they should feel guilty because people like Jeffrey Dahlmer happened to be White, many nevertheless expect Black people to do just that in relation to Black criminals and embarrassments.

Michael Vick, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jamie Foxx are not the Black community. They are three people who are Black and whose conduct and statements do not reflect or echo any human beings, especially Black, with whom I have ever been associated. Black America is no more responsible for Michael Vick and his defenders than White America is for Charles Manson.

And anyone who disagrees with that sentiment, Black or White, is just one more independent voice without an impact on, or an entitlement or special claim to speak for another person, let alone an entire race.

Their rubber-stamp approval of Michael Vick's barbarism is less than transparent. Even Senator Robert Byrd, being an ex-KKK Grand Master who is himself from those "certain parts of the country" to which Whoopi Goldberg refers, was furious and repulsed. After a twenty-four minute speech on the Senate floor, he concluded:

"I am confident that the hottest places in Hell are reserved for the souls of sick and brutal people who hold God's creatures in such brutal and cruel contempt!" And it's pretty pathetic for Vick, Goldberg, and Foxx when even a guy whose hairdo still bears the shape of his KKK hood finds your brutalities barbaric.

I never liked any of them before the dogfighting, anyway; which may hint at the real nature of the problem. Professional sports, in an effort to build the best possible teams, places a lower priority on the background or murder potential of its players. While Hollywood, on the other hand, craves controversial people, and even flaunts them - witness the honors poured on child molester, Roman Polanski. If Hitler could have thrown a pass or directed a movie, we'd have certainly seen a lot more of him, too. So, it's really a case of the old adage, "Scum in, scum out." And could there even possibly be an intentional effort to facilitate anti-Black sentiment by the very act of putting in our faces the very worst that Black America has to offer?

No, dog killing is not a Black thing. But, then, neither are Whoopi Goldberg or Jamie Foxx. Complete with his girlie, stripper name and the cute, distinctive double X in Foxx, he is a large-living woman screaming to get out of his being. While she is an androgynous, asexual entity who more closely resembles a man, with flatulence humor built into her first name and anti-Semitic insensitivity built into her last. Don't you get it? She's Black, but the last name's Jewish! Though she would claim some kind of comedic tribute to supposed Jewish ancestors, she would have been better off using her real name, Caryn Johnson. Goldberg and Foxx are both inhuman, disgraced people, and pretty much irrelevant anyway. The dignity of Black America remains intact and multi-dimensional despite them and many other intended distractions.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, we'll leave you two alone for now. You may be a couple of loser post-grunge chicks, but you don't hurt anyone but yourselves. Unless you consider driving drunk and intoxicated and without licenses and on the wrong side of the freeway to be dangerous to others.

But even that doesn't earn you a space on the Disgraced People page. You need to publicly show hatred, cruelty, or insensitivity to others. The closest you've come to that, Paris, was when you stepped in that dirty puddle of water and exclaimed, "Ee-ew, I'm going to get AIDS."

But otherwise, as you were. But be careful.

Rush Limbaugh

This is a rare pig of a man. We can go back as far as necessary to find any number of examples of what an asshole he is. He refers to women as "FemiNazis" with the same needling that a sadistic master displays while taunting his slaves. Though all the same to him, toward whom does that title provide the greater offense and insensitivity, women or Jews, or both?

He is special among the despised faces on this page in his participation in all the forms of hatred demonstrated here: Major misogynist, racist, anti-Semite, homophobe, and cruel sadistic torturer type, if he could be guaranteed that his victims were properly held in place.

After a photograph of Hillary Clinton emerged wherein her face looked more haggard and wrinkled than usual, he said, Do we really want to watch her get old for eight years before our eyes? A classic misogynist. Why can every male President get old before our eyes without it being an issue? Why does Letterman (whose own aging before our eyes has not been pretty) mock her pantsuits but clothing and fashion are seldom an issue among males? John McCain can walk around like a chipmunk with all his nuts on one side of his face without criticism or mockery, because it was a result of his cancer or because he is a man?

His remarks are as pathetic as has been his entire career having sold-out his intelligence and education to accomplish other people's agendas like a hired mercenary. Completely disingenuousness in his arguments, he is like the cowardly assassin who shoots from hiding. He is presented his victims, his listeners, and goes to work firing at their sensibilities, their knowledge, and their beliefs with all the fury of a motivational speaker and snake oil salesman, with no integrity for truth, only servitude to the wishes of his Masters: Of whom he hopes to feel a part, but of whom he is no part.

And though he is a god-awful vision of a human male specimen, his loneliness and bitter unsuccess with women and intimacy are more a result of the ugliness inside, instead. And though he was the man who always promoted the most draconian penalties for drug use, he was revealed to be a closet drug addict addicted to, using massive quantities of, and finally busted for his own drug use. What a pathetic life.

His long-awaited epitaph will read something like:

"Here lies a worm of a man, fat and ugly for most of his life, a shameless misogynist when left to his own devices, who actually found a wife on the Internet but who nevertheless lost her soon after; a man of education and intelligence who was seldom left to his own devices. His life was rather spent as a lapdog to his Masters, barking their commands and doing their bidding against everything that is right or reasonable. Even to him."

"His life was all hypocrisy. He acted like a student and seeker of truth, but made his work in propaganda and con art; he railed against drug use, but was a long-term, secret drug addict; he railed against women, but cried in private for unattainable intimacy; and he died in public without ever really loving knowledge or knowing love from anyone."

Thomas Edison

No, we weren't around in his time. But he bugs us anyway. The official line is that Thomas Edison was a great industrialist and inventor and a healthy piece of American history. But we cannot ignore the elephant in the room. As with many inventors, he has been accused of stealing most of his ideas.

He bought the dogs and cats of all the students at the local grade school for five or ten cents each then killed all the pets before the horrified students to demonstrate electricity. Afterwards, he did the same to an unfortunate elephant he'd brought to Times Square.

Of course, the only positive part of the story is the fact that his form of electricity, Direct Current, or DC, lost out to Westinghouse's Alternating Current, or AC, as America's electricity of choice, though Direct Current did survive in batteries, solar cells, and dynamos.

His travails with Nicolai Tesla, who went to work for and made Westinghouse's victory possible after being fired by Thomas Edison, and Nicolai Tesla's subsequent life story are certainly areas for future discussion.

Tim Hardaway

A proud and self-confessed homophobe. "I hate gay people," is his mantra. He hates to be around them, he would not speak with gay family members, he doesn't want them in the locker room, he doesn't want them in the world or even in the United States.

Some of us think thou dost protest a little too much. What's up, Tim Hardaway? Is there something deep inside you want to tell us about?

Watch your back, Tim Hardaway. Surely you saw George Takei (Star Trek's Mr Sulu) on Jimmy Kimmel describing what a man in uniform does for him. Some of my shallower gay friends would like to make a trophy wife of you. The rest of them, like me, try not to think too much about your pitiful and Neanderthal ignorance.

Woody Allen

We admired his Manhattan with the same shallowness as the rock star in his Hanna and Her Sisters who wants to buy a painting for its physical size, "art by the yard," with the same chic that spawned the pronunciation of "Kierkegaard" in Annie Hall, and with the same reverence for wide-eyed Keane paintings that we find in Sleeper.

Why did we fail to recognize that, beneath all the depictions of the travails of relationships in the modern world, Manhattan was just a movie about a middle-aged man's love affair with a minor teenage girl? Perhaps his divorcing his wife and running off with the adopted child they'd raised since diapers would not have come as such a surprise.

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